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Subtraction Trick – avoid the borrowing! Easy maths lesson.

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It is easy to avoid borrowing when you are subtracting if you minus by pairs of digits rather than individually.

Easy Kids Science Experiment Fireworks in a Jar

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3 Times Table Trick

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Mental Math Tricks – How to multiply in your head!

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How can you multiply in your head? Mental maths is easy - using this trick to reprogram your brain

Easy Kids Science Experiments Tie Dye Milk

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Schoolhouse Rock- Ready Or Not, Here I Come

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1973. It teaches about the multiplication of 5 through a game of hide and seek, in which the seeker counts

How to Demonstrate Air Resistance | Science Projects

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DIY Marshmallow Blaster | Design Squad

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DSN Animations: What is a Drag Plate?

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This Design Squad Nation animation shows how a drag plate on a dogsled uses friction—a force that resists motion—to slow

Easy Kids Science Experiments Make a Bouncing Ball

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Schoolhouse Rock: Interjections Music Video

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Fast Mental Multiplication Trick – Multiply in your head using base 20 and 30

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This mental multiplication trick uses the idea of a third number - a base number - to help us multiply

How to Explode a Plastic Bag | Science Projects

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Make Your Own Glow Sticks: Design Squad

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DSN Animation: What is a Solenoid Valve?

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This Design Squad Nation animation shows how an electric current flowing in a coil produces a magnetic field. Explains how

7 Times Table Trick

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Let me know if you need any more help!

Liberty`s Kids: #03 “United We Stand” (2/2)

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