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Schoolhouse Rock- Do The Circulation

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1979. This song teaches about our bodies circulatory system. Sung by Oshie Armstead, Mary Sue Barry, Maeretha Stewart. Written by

Long Division trick 2 – an easier way!

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Build a Better Lunchbox | Design Squad

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Can Shoes Fly?: Q&A with Nate | Design Squad

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Liberty`s Kids: #09 “Bunker Hill” (2/2)

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Liberty`s Kids: #12 “Common Sense” (2/2)

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Air Cannon | Design Squad

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Fast Mental Multiplication Trick – Multiply in your head numbers near 50

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This mental multiplication trick uses the idea of a third number - a base number - to help us multiply

Liberty`s Kids: #05 “Midnight Ride” (2/2)

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Schoolhouse Rock- Naughty Number Nine

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1973. It teaches about the multiplication of 9. The song describes a large anthropomorphic feline pool hustler (possibly inspired by

Fast Math Trick – How to multiply 2 two digit numbers – why it works!

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This video looks at how the video on multiplying two digit numbers rapidly works, as well as looking at where

Schoolhouse Rock- I Got Six

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1973. This is the first to feature a black person as the main character of the series. It teaches about

Penny Bridge Contest: Design Squad

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DSN Animation: Wind Tunnel

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In this DSN Animation Adam and Judy explain how they will be able to learn the about lift, drag, and

Fast Math Trick – Long Division for Maths Reloaded

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Cool Way to Memorize Lists of Things

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Here is a really cool way to memorize different lists.  Great for school!

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