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DSN Animation: How do ball bearings work?

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String Puppets | Design Squad

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How Do You Charge a Cell Phone? | Design Squad

641 Views0 Comments Power up! Nate demonstrates how to make a cell phone charger so you always have that

Liberty`s Kids: #04 “Liberty or Death” (1/2)

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Times table trick using your hands

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To learn the times tables use your hands as well as your head! Multiplication had never been so easy

DSN Animations: What is Water Displacement?

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This Design Squad Nation animation shows how the water displaced by a boat produces a force that pushes on the

Liberty`s Kids: #07 “Green Mountain Boys” (1/2)

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Mental Math Tricks – How to multiply in your head!

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How can you multiply in your head? Mental maths is easy - using this trick to reprogram your brain

Easy Kids Science Experiments Run Away Pepper

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DSN Animation: How do Engines Work?

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This Design Squad Nation animation shows how an engine uses flowing air to draw fuel into a cylinder, where a

Schoolhouse Rock- Mother Necessity

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Milk Jug Scoop | Design Squad

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