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Learning the Piano Keyboard

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Magic Coin Tricks with Matt Wayne | Coin Tricks

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Easy Cool Card Trick – Beginner Card Tricks

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How to Do the Drop Coin Vanish | Coin Tricks

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Easy Great Card Trick

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Discovering Your Articulators

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Don't be a "mush mouth" - join Kathie in Discovering Articulators needed for good diction.

How to Set Up a Drum Set | Drumming

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Help for Uncertain Singers

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Drawing on her 25+ years helping kids choir leaders, Kathie provides some tips on helping kids match pitch with a

Diction Warm Ups

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Get your lips, teeth and tongue in gear with Kathie's Diction Exercises for Kids!

Vocal Exploration Part 1

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Kathie taps here 25+ years of working with kids in music to talk about using the diaphragm and shows some

Very Cool Beginner Card Trick

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How to Do Appearing Half Dollars Trick | Coin Tricks

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How to Get Started Doing Coin Tricks | Coin Tricks

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How to Do a Card Cascade | Magic Card Flourishes

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Breathing for Volume

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Teaching kids to breathe correctly can really help improve volume of kid's choirs when performing. This week, in Teaching Kids

Free Piano Lessons for Kids – Lesson 5 – Rhythm Basics

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How to Make a Coin Vanish with a Napkin | Coin Tricks

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