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Singing With a Microphone

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Drawing from her 25+ years of assistance for children's' music leaders Kathie provides some great tips on how to help

Breathing for Volume

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Teaching kids to breathe correctly can really help improve volume of kid's choirs when performing. This week, in Teaching Kids

How to Maintain Proper Posture | Drumming

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What Is a Fulcrum? | Drumming

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Helping Kids Understand Head Voice

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Kathie provides great tips for how to help the kids in your choir understand singing in their head voices rather

How to Buy a New Guitar | Guitar Lessons

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How to Make a Coin Vanish with a Napkin | Coin Tricks

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Vocal Warm Ups for Kids

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Kathie shares some fun and effective Vocal Warm Ups for Kids.

How to Hold a Pick | Guitar Lessons

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Warming Up for Volume

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Increasing the volume from the kids in your choir can simply be a matter of warming up their voices correctly.

How to Do Appearing Half Dollars Trick | Coin Tricks

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How to Restring a Steel String Guitar | Guitar Lessons

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Proper Vowel Sounds

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Kathie continues her Teaching Children to Sing series with a segment showing techniques she's used successfully to teach kids how

How to Play “Heel-Down” Technique | Drumming

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